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Works with iPhone X

Face Mocap aprovecha una de las características más innovadoras del iPhoneX: captura cada gesto de la cara con un barrido de más de 30.000 puntos. El resultado de todos los gestos se puede extraer con un fichero .anim que puede ser utilizado posteriormente para animar la cara de tu personaje favorito

Step 1


 Download Face Mocap from appstore Remember that only works with Ipnone.



Download pdf documents:


Step 2

You have two options, record face data in a .anim file, or recod also the voice and image of the actor. If you only are interest in the .anim file, just touch the record button of the center and the upper counter will start, touch again when te performance is finished and save the file or share. You can use apple airdrop, dropbox, or any of your instaled cloud app. If the shut is of some minutes, it can take some seconds, be patient.



Step 3

If you want to record the image and sound of the actor, touch the small record button before the center one. Afther you finish the shot, touch again these button and edit. You can adjust the video leng using the upper counter. You can change the maya versión and the file name of your shoot. Frames per second are optimized to 60, at the momento we dont recomend change this value.


.anim file Workflow

Everything under control

Face data permite utilizar controladores para tener el control de tu personaje. No se limita a blendshapes, por lo que puedes utilizar huesos o cualquier otro tipo de elemento para realizar el control de tu personaje.

Step 1




Download iphoneXdatashape.ma maya file into your project, this file contines the 53 controls you have to connect with the blendshapes, joints, controls or what you want to manage. This file is not generated with a professional version of Maya, so for professional use you must generate the controls yourself.









Step 2

Connect throught Setdrivenkey editor the iphoneXdatashape.ma controls with your character. This pdf contains all the face data gestures of your iphone.


Step 3

Sellect all the controls of iphoneXdatashape.ma, and import .anim file your record with your Face Data App. Is necesary to habilitate the .anim option in pluging manager.


Tutorial 1

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Iphone X are property of Apple corporation. Maya are property of Autodesk.